The Dell House, Malvern

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The size, layout and mixture of accommodation at the Dell House makes it particularly suitable for a wide variety of gatherings.

We are very happy to discuss how we can best meet your requirements. This could include half or full board catering; taking all or just part of the house, and optional exclusivity so that your group are the only guests at that time.

For example:

While COVID-19 is an issue we are having to limit what we can offer for groups. Please get in contact to discuss your particular needs, as every group is diferent.

Facilities in General

Ground Floor plan

The Dell House has a total of 10 bedrooms; 4 in the B&B and 6 across three selfcatering units, one of which is on the ground floor. There are up to 14 beds and 20 bed spaces (i.e. 2 bed spaces for a double bed).

An additonal en-suite single room will be available for groups from mid 2021.

The large dining room and lounge are always available for use by B&B guests. The large gaming / training / TV lounge is available by prior arrangement. Each of the 3 self-catering units provides a kitchen and a lounge.

The two acre garden provides plenty of space for relaxation and quiet or for the more exhuberent to play hide & seek in the wooded bits. It's big enough, and has enough separate spaces, for both at the same time. It's not great for "ball games", though lawn games such as croquet can be played on one of the few level lawns. We have a set you can borrow.

There is off-street parking for around 12 cars if carefully parked.

Ground Floor plan

The Nursery and Butler's Apartments in the wing each have an interconnecting door with the main house, essentially meaning that the whole set (8 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 4 lounges + dining room) can be booked for one group with all rooms accessible from inside.

The important point is that the arrangements are extremely flexible.

The catering arrangements can be adapted to suit. This can include just simply self-catering; cooked breakfasts for some of the group; a buffet breakfast for the whole group; light lunches; simple but wholesome evening meals and/or coordinating with external caterers.

Larger Groups

If the group you are thinking of exceeds the size of either the B&B or the self-catering units, then it's time to start talking about a bespoke package that combines the B&B rooms with one or more apartments, probably with some group-wide catering options. We are extraordinarily flexible, but that isn't always helpful if you are looking for set prices for such groups.

It's a rule that, if you want free access to the B&B reception rooms but are using a mixture of B&B and self-catering sections of the house then all the B&B rooms need to be booked first, only then extending into the self-catering rooms. This is to avoid the complexities of having unrelated guests book the remaining B&B rooms. It is possible, for a fee, to ask for rooms to be kept empty.

It works best if the apartments that are in the main house (either the Nursery and/or the Butler's apartments) are used first as these have connecting doors to the B&B.

Matching the Group to the Bedrooms

We have a total of 10 (11 from mid 2021) bedrooms available for guests. Our nominal maximum capacity is 20, however, this relies on efficient filling of double beds, twin rooms etc. That said, once a booking gets above 16 people, it starts to get a bit cramped in places; especially if you are wanting to all eat together.

Groups with dogs

Two of our self-catering units will accommodate dogs at a small charge, however, the dogs (bar assistance dogs) are not allowed into the B&B part of the house at any time, including into the reception rooms where your group may be eating together.


It's not practical to give details here but this is generally how the group pricing works.

Our pricing is biased against very short stays. The price for the self-catering units starts at a minimum of a 3-night stay. The prices for the B&B rooms drops rapidly from a one-night to a 3-night stay. The self-catering prices are seasonal, the B&B prices are not.

For small-to-mid-sized groups you can pretty much work off the prices on this website. For larger groups there is an additional charge to offset the cleaning bill resulting from having 20 people use reception rooms that usually accommodate eight. If you want to involve non-resident visitors there will be an additional cost for largly the same reason. On the other hand, a group booking during a quiet period may attract a discount.

The greatest impact on pricing is usually what you want to do about catering.

Catering Options

All catering arrangements are by prior arrangement only. Just making it clear we're not a cafe in any sense.

If your group is bigger than 16 then sitting everyone down to eat becomes a bit cramped in the dining room. It is possible for us to add a table to the main lounge (there are large opening doors between the two, so they are almost one room) but this then eats into your lounge space.


By default, the pricing assumes a cooked breakfast for B&B occupants and nothing for self-caterers. Alternatively we can provide a non-cooked breakfast for everyone, with pricing adjusted accordingly.


We can provide a 'bread & cheese' style lunch, with salads, spreads, etc. Options include having a warm flan/quiche as well.

Evening meals in the B&B Dining Room

If you are self-catering you can simply cook and eat in the apartment(s). However, if you want to eat together in the dining room, there are various options:

We can provide simple meals such pizzas or a baked potato with fillings, followed by cheesecake or similar.

For food that you provide, either cooked yourselves or ordered from a takeaway, we provide the crockery & cutlery and clear away those items afterwards.

We are happy to coordinate with an external caterer.

Local Pubs & Resturants

There's one pub in walking distance (15/20 mins) that does standard 'pub grub' and a resonable pint, and several others a few minutes drive away, plus a selection of restuarants in Malvern that we can recommend.

Tea & Coffee, Cake, Nibbles, More Cake..

There are various options for these if wanted. Of course, each room/unit has it's own tea and coffee facilities but we can do tea/coffee breaks with cake or similar if that suits the sort of activity that you've booked the house for.

What next?

If you're wondering whether your booking would work here, get in touch and we can suggest options. Our email address is at the bottom of the page.