The Dell House, Malvern

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The Virtual Dell House Visitor

During the virus lockdown we are unable to share the house and garden in real life and this saddens us. Therefore, we've tentatively ventured into the world of video and put together a variety of 'virtual' Dell House experiences so that we can share them here.

The Contemplative Garden

Reflecting our affiliation to the Quiet Garden movement and our sharing our restful and relaxed garden, we've made a short video with just the garden, birdsong, and a few reflections from Quaker 'Advices & Queries'.

Quick Garden Tour

Our first ever 'presented' video is a quick walk-round of the garden in April 2020 including a few of the tree carvings we've comissioned over the years as trees have needed to be felled.

Quick Garden Tour "Bonus Disc"

For a bit of fun, a few of the many hiccups in making that video...