The Dell House, Malvern

Where Scythe, Terraforming and Arboretum are not just in the garden

DellCon Games Weekends

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

- George Bernard Shaw

Games in play

Kevin & Elizabeth have been playing modern boardgames for 25+ years and have a collection of around 250. Since 2014 we've run a large B&B. We've put these together to form the DellCons: small & friendly residential games weekends between October and April.

The dates for the 2021-2022 season are

DatesResidential placesNon-res places
19th-21st NovemberFullFull
3rd-5th December1 single room leftSpaces
28th-30th JanuaryFullSpaces
18th-20th FebruaryFullSpaces
11th-13th MarchFull (TBC)A few spaces
8th-10th AprilFullA few spaces

The status might be a little out of date.

If you want to go on our emailing list (to be informed in advance about future dates) just drop us a line.


The success of the first DellCon meant that we quickly decided to keep these 'little and often', keeping the numbers low such that we can share meals, become friends, and still have several gaming tables on the go.

If you want to know more about 'the DellCon way' the document we send out to everyone is available here. It includes the essence of our 'Code of Conduct'.


It's safe to assume that Covid will remain an issue for the foreseeable future. We are taking a pragmatic approach. The environment is spacious and ventilated, and there will only be 18 people present. However, we will be playing games over a 2-day period. Given this:

The Booking Rules

Places are limited. The process is 'First come, first served' but non-resident requests go on a waiting list until 4 weeks before the DellCon. All places are for the whole weekend, so residential places are for 2 nights.

The rooms range from luxurious and en-suite, to nice but with shared bathrooms. All rooms are the same price, the best rooms go to those who booked first.

There is one exception to this process. If you book extra nights either side of DellCon you can cherry-pick which B&B room you want for the weekend, subject to availability.

If you want an en-suite room, book early or book extra.

Allocating Rooms

Once we have filled all the accommodation spaces, the rooms are allocated using the following rules:

Non-resident places and 'day tickets'

If you want a non-resident place ask to go on the waiting list now. When either the rooms are full or 4 weeks before the DellCon (whichever is earlier) those on the waiting list fill any gaps.

Note that the non-resident places are for those who are already resident in and around Malvern, for whom an overnight stay is nonsensical.

'Day Tickets' might be available after all the rooms have filled and the non-res waiting list is empty.

Ticket Prices and What's Included

An adult ticket is £50. This covers everything except accommodation and breakfast.

7pm to 11pm
4 hours gaming.
Tea, coffee, etc.
Saturday 8:30am. Breakfast - cereal, juice, toast, fruit
9:30am to 11pm(ish) 11+ hours gaming
Tea, coffee, etc. Home-made cake
Lunch - fresh warm home-made bread & cheeses, salad, etc.
Evening meal - pizza, side salad, pudding
Sunday 8:30am. Breakfast as above
9:30am to 4pm(ish) 6+ hours gaming.
Tea, coffee, etc. Home-made cake
Lunch - fresh bread, quiche, salad, etc.
The Aftercon Some may gather at a pub...
£50 + room £50

Accommodation Prices

Accommodation (which includes breakfast) prices are per-room not per-person. These prices are at a discount because there's no cooked breakfast and the rooms won't be serviced over the weekend.

Room Capacity Room per night
for 2 nights
Extra nights with cooked breakfast, etc.
Bonus: Pick your DellCon room
One single bed
£60 £65 (Yellow & Burgundy rooms)
One double bed
£85 £100 (Red room)
£90 (Blue room)
Two Single beds
£85 £90 (Green room)


How do I book a residential weekend?

Email or phone us to check availability. To confirm a booking we require a non-refundable deposit of £100 per room please. The date the deposit is paid is the date used in the allocation of rooms. The remainder can be paid during the event. We can take cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer.

How do I get on the non-residential waiting list?

It's simplest if you just email us. Full payment will be due when we've confirmed your place.

Is there a Reserve List?

Yes, for both residential and non-residential places, and it's worth being on it.

Terms and Cancellations

Our 'B&B' Terms and conditions apply to all attendees.

Strictly speaking, the full cancellation terms apply and in particular the deposit is non-refundable. However, informally, we tend to use the following approach:

Other Info

Disabled Access

The early 19th Century wasn't a time when designing houses for less able people was particularly prevalent. As a result the Dell House has a number of limitations. For details, see the Access Statement but, in summary:


Historically, DellCons have been 18+ affairs. This isn't because of any 'adult' content but primarily a simpler way to run these weekends. Recognising that some families would like to come we've settled on allowing one or two older children (in total) along each time.

We'd expect children to be capable of playing moderately weighty games, by themselves, against adults - thus, we'd be surprised if they were under, say, 11-or-12 years old. In particular, the Code of Conduct applies to all players regardless of age.

Please get in contact if you'd like to consider this and we can discuss practicalities and prices.


Pets are not allowed in the B&B (except assistance dogs), however, it may be possible to attend a DellCon with a dog.

You would need to book the Butler's apartment for a minimum of 3 nights. The extra night(s) can be before or after the DellCon. The price is the price for the apartment appropriate for the season with the pet surcharge, the normal ticket price and, optionally, £15/person for the cooked breakfast on one extra morning.

Just to reiterate, the dog is not allowed in the B&B area at all, which includes all the gaming and eating areas.

Loose Ends

Please feel free to phone or email us if you've any questions.

There is a Facebook group for DellCon for chat and updates.

We reserve the right to bend rules where it seems right to do so.

What diets can you provide for?

Elizabeth is vegetarian and veggie/vegan breakfasts is one of our specialities. We're happy to prepare something gluten-free when others are having pizza for example. With advance notice we are happy to provide soya products for dairy-free diets, etc. If your needs are a bit more specialist, just ask.

Diets we cannot provide for are specialities such as Halal and Kosher.

I'm new to all this (be that conventions or these games). Is that OK?

Absolutely. Something this small can seem a bit daunting if you're a bit wary, but you'll not be left out and will be gently guided into suitable games. We have a few 'regulars' each time but there's no clique here. We (and they) pride ourselves on the welcoming, relaxed and friendly nature of these weekends. To borrow a quote from a first-timer and relative newcomer to the hobby: "I enjoyed jumping in the deep end last weekend, and it was great to meet folk who could patiently teach me lots of games. Looking forward to the next time."

After 40 DellCons we are really pleased that every single DellCon (bar one) has included new people.

Is there parking?

Yes, we have a sizeable car park. You will need to park neatly to fit everyone in but that's always worked so far. You'll get details nearer the time if there are spaces we need to reserve etc.